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Make your Pet Sitting Business stand out and get more bookings!

Pet Cloud has teamed up with National Crime Check to make getting a police check quicker and easier. 

✔ Get more Bookings

Pet owners will feel more confident to leave their pets with sitters that have obtained a police background check.

✔ Higher Exposure

Having the police checked badge will increase exposure to your profile and it will position it on the first pages of our search results.

✔ Fast and Easy

80% of online checks are returned same day. Once you have it, send it to:  service@petcloud.com.au and we'll do the rest.

✔ Good Value

It only costs $49.00 and you could also use it for other job applications.

The Process

    1. Fill in your basic details.  
    2. Complete the initial security verification (by email and/or SMS).
    3. Pay for the police check.
    4. Provide additional information (this includes your place of birth, residential address details for the last 5 years)
    5. Complete the InstantID online proof of identity verification using original ID (must have either a drivers license or passport)
    6. Sign online.
    7. You will be sent an electronic version of the police check for your own records. 

Your details that are requested will be checked against a national database. These details will be kept confidential and as a part of this process you consent for the police check to be sent to Pet Cloud to review your suitability for a pet and/or house sitter.

Need help? contact National Crime Check at support@nationalcrimecheck.com.au or 1800 080 095